Starcraft 2 T-Shirt - Vintage Zerg

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Product Description

This Starcraft 2 t-shirt is printed on a red 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt. Pictured on the shirt is the logo for the Zergs, a race of insectoid aliens hell bent on assimilating all other races. The logo is printed in black, and is distressed to create a vintage feel, much like ancient race of the Zergs. This Starcraft 2 t-shirt is perfect for any person who roots for the bad guys.

The Zergs are a race of bad guys who operate as a hive mind. They want to assimilate all other worthy races into their own to create ‘the perfect race.’ The Zergs are particularly interested in the Protoss, and strive to assimilate them. In addition to being selfish, the Zergs also do not use technology. As a completely organic unit, they use only what they were created with to attempt their assimilation efforts. So if these guys sound like your kind of guys, this Starcraft 2 t-shirt is for you!

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