Starcraft T-Shirt - Vintage Terran Logo

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Product Description

This Starcraft 2 shirt is printed on a blue 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt. Pictured on the shirt is the logo for the Terrans, which is a futuristic version of the human race. Unlike the Zergs and the Protoss, the Terrans are a fractured group, and often fight each other, as well as the Protoss and the Zergs. The logo printed on the shirt is yellow and is distressed to create a vintage feel. If humanity is where you place your faith in the future, this Starcraft 2 shirt might be the Starcraft shirt for you!

The Terrans are a group of futuristic humans who are constantly fighting everyone, the Protoss, the Zergs and even each other. They have adapted to technology in the future and often use tough guy combat suits, which make them appear much larger than they actually are. Within this race are a subrace of Terrans known as ‘Ghosts’, which are Terrans who have a range of powers from simple telepathy to advanced telekinesis. So if the humans are who you are rooting for, this Starcraft 2 shirt is for you!

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