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In a world where everyone is always trying to tell you what you can and cannot be, wouldnít it be nice to just feel comfortable with who you are and everyone else would be not only okay with it, but also welcoming? Now just imagine how you would feel if you were not just judged on the way you choose to live your life, but you were also told that you were not a real person and your life didnít matter. Well friend, if a world free of judgement and persecution is what you seek; the Ted Legalize Ted T-shirt is your first step to a better tomorrow. Every day, thousands of stuffed animals all over the planet are fighting for their voice to be heard and to gain the rights that we so callously take for granted. The Ted Legalize Ted T-shirt was made for those to show support and become a voice for the voiceless. Far too often we discard old teddy bears, lock them in trunks, stuff them into the backs of closets, or worse yet, give them to the family dog to be destroyed in horrific ways. Donít allow another day to go by where stuffed animals donít have the same rights as the rest of us. The Ted Legalize Ted T-shirt, for those who are tired of having the stuffing punched out of them.

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