Ted T-Shirt - Live Cover

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Product Description

One night only! Ted sings the hits! Bringing you classics like “F*ck You Thunder” and many more! Get your tickets now, as seating is limited!

…Don’t you guys think that’s what this Ted Live Cover T-shirt looks like? He looks like a little Sinatra belting out classics for an adoring crowd all decked out in their best formal attire, sipping champagne and high end cocktails. Then again, he also kind of looks like the teddy bear Jerry Lewis doing a telethon on this Ted Live Cover T-shirt. If it is a telethon, what kind of telethon do you think a teddy bear would put on, what cause would Ted support? Maybe, Equal rights for Teddy Bears of America? Support the starving Teddy Bears of the third world? Perhaps, but more than likely it would be a telethon for the legalization of a green leafy plant that make Teddy Bears and others feel better. If you agree with Ted on any of the subjects mentioned above, please show your support by wearing a Ted Live Cover T-shirt.

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