The Ramones Girls Tank Top - Distressed Seal

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Product Description

You don’t have to be named Sheena to love this Ramones Distressed Seal Girls Tank Top. Even though Sheena is a punk rocker, we know there’s a lot more of you out there with different names that have been searching for the perfect Ramones top that is classic, punk rock, yet fashionable. Well search no longer because this retro looking black Ramones Distressed Seal Girls Tank Top can be dressed up or down and worn to almost any event. The tank top displays the classic logo that has become iconic over the years, displaying the Ramones original lineup with the late great Tommy Ramone on drums, and of course Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee...who are all dead also, but in the words of Joey Ramone “through music we can live forever”. Whether you’re staying true to your roots or just discovering the three chord punk rock gods for the first time, the Ramones Distressed Seal Girls Tank Top is going to look incredible on you.

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