Ugly Christmas Sweater Tees - Satan's Reindeer

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Product Description

The most heavy metal Christmas shirt in the world.

Either this reindeer sold his soul to the devil to get a spot at the front of Santaís sleigh, or is just a huge Slayer fan! Either way, this is definitely the most metal Christmas shirt around. The main image shows a menacing, possibly possessed, reindeer in white, creating a bold contrast to the black shirt itís printed on. Behind the reindeer is a large red pentagram surrounded by beautiful snowflakes and the shirt itself is 100% cotton.

Reindeer are found naturally in more arctic regions of the world such as Finland, Greenland and Canada. Large populations are also found in Norway, which is the birthplace of black metal as we know it! There is nothing more brutal than the idea of a Norwegian reindeer mosh pit!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Tees