Vladimir Poutine T-Shirt - Putin vs Poutine

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Product Description

RWE Vladimir Putin VS. Poutine shirts are here! Ah yes, Mother Russia, a beautiful land run by the Great Poutine. If my memory serves me correctly Russia is run by a giant plate of fries smothered in gravy with a hearty helping of cheese curds tossed in. I know what youíre thinking, ďthatís a Canadian thing!Ē and youíre right, the Great Poutine was created in Canada but moved to Russian at a young age and later began its political rise to the top. The RWE Vladimir Putin VS. Poutine shirt, now I have no idea who Vladimir Putin is, but this shirt shows a man who clearly loves Poutine and isnít afraid to show it. He is wearing protective eye goggles, necessary for diving face first into a pile of Poutine. So show your support for Russianís simply delicious leader by grabbing a RWE Vladimir Putin VS. Poutine shirt today!

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