World Of Warcraft T-Shirt - Alliance

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Product Description

This World of Warcraft t-shirt is printed on a lightweight poly-cotton blend. The ‘Alliance’ logo is printed in yellow on the front of the shirt, which serves as a stark contrast against the blue background. The ‘Alliance’ logo is a simplified version of the usual intricate and royal blue and yellow lion that is so well known. As players are forced to choose an allegiance when the game starts, so too can fans choose an allegiance and support their choice with this World of Warcraft t-shirt.

The Alliance is one of two political factions that players can choose at the beginning of the game, with their sworn enemy being the Horde. Players who choose the Alliance are choosing a party driven by honour and justice, and one that seeks to bring light to places that are dark. So if your friends would describe you as ‘noble’, ‘honourable’ or ‘fair,’ then this shirt is for you.

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