World Of Warcraft T-Shirt - Mop Horde

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Product Description

This World of Warcraft shirt is printed on a lightweight poly-cotton blend. The ‘Horde’ logo is printed in black across the front of this red t-shirt. Shown as an artistic version of the Horde logo, the graphic printed on this shirt looks like it could be an ancient inscribed relic of the Horde. Therefore, this World of Warcraft shirt has become quite popular amongst players of the game.

The Horde is the political faction opposing the Alliance. Originally composed of mostly orcs, trolls and ogres, the group has grown to expand to include other races. They are a warmongering group, with questionable morals at times. Additionally, the Horde is more technologically advanced in weaponry than the Alliance, which gives them an advantage in this regard. Thus, if you’re the kind of person who loves weapons, enjoys the suffering of others, or just want to be better than everything else, this World of Warcraft shirt is for you.

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