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            Cannibal Corpse are a ripping death metal band who boiled down in the underbelly of Buffalo, New York for a few years before coming to commercial success (sales of over a million) in 2003. With a scarcity of radio or television airplay backing them, Cannibal Corpse refused to sell out and change their content to a friendlier format which eventually led to a cult following based on word of mouth acclaim alone. Much of the bands content focuses on ripe topics that don’t sit well with those who swing too far right. This has led to the group being banned from playing in some countries and a ban on displaying the controversial album cover artwork on some of their best-selling albums. Cannibal Corpse merchandise has also come under fire over the years, and fortunately its exuberance cannot be stifled.

            After being accused of undermining the public image of the United States, the band saw some support from metal fan and famous actor Jim Carrey when he requested the band be included in the soundtrack for his film, ‘Ace Ventura Pet Detective’.

            You can see by the intensity of this Cannibal Corpse all over print shirt that being butchered at birth is a less than desirable outcome for expectant mothers, but makes for one hell of a statement piece. Many of the Cannibal Corpse shirts are highly controversial due to the explicit imagery. An example of one of these highly graphic shits is the Priests of Sodom shirt. Without going into too much detail it’s a whole lot of taboo on one shirt. Cannibal Corpse exercises its right to freedom of expression and you can too by picking up any one of these delectable statement tees from our awesome Cannibal Corpse store.

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