Info About The Charlie Brown Store

            Charlie Brown is a comic strip character created by Charles M. Schulz. Described as a ‘loveable loser,’ the character has touched the hearts of generations since his inception in 1947. He is considered to be the main character of the Peanuts comic strip, with notable supporting characters being Snoopy and Linus van Pelt. Despite Charlie Brown’s failures, he has many friends and appears well liked by those around him. Perhaps representative of Charlie Brown’s failures as a whole, is the recurring gag wherein Lucy frequently pulls a football out from Charlie Brown as he attempts to kick it.

            Such a long running comic strip, turned TV specials and movies, has spawned a number of different parodies by the peanuts characters. This has created an abundance of cool Charlie Brown t-shirts and Charlie Brown merchandise. Fan favorite has become the Charlie Brown t-shirt, Speaker City. This shirt features Charlie Brown dancing with the caption ‘Everyday I’m Shufflin,’ which is a tribute to the LMFAO song, ‘Party Rock.’ This is only one of several Charlie Brown t-shirts available, so fans will be pleased to see a variety to add to their Charlie Brown collections.

            The Charlie Brown store recognizes the longevity of the Charlie Brown franchise. Despite its origins in 1950, children and adults to this day enjoy the characters that have survived to this day. Fans of the comic should keep an eye on the Charlie Brown store as the series continues to evolve with pop culture and capture the hearts of people everywhere. Any fan looking to expand their Charlie Brown t-shirt collection is sure to enjoy the different designs available!

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