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            Charlie Sheen, born Carlos Irwin Estevez, is an American actor who had his first major film role in 1986 with the release of Platoon. He is well known for his role on Two and a Half Men as well as his rocky personal life. In the past, Sheen has struggled with both substance abuse and legal issues. Despite this negative aspect of his life, Charlie Sheen has also been a supporter and donor to Aid for Aids, and was awarded an AFA Angel Award for his work. After his dismissal, Charlie Sheen had a highly publicized melt down in which he informed the world he was a warlock with tiger blood and Adonis DNA. This inspired his new catchphrase, ‘Winning.’

            The Charlie Sheen store is home to several different designs of Charlie Sheen t-shirts. Each features a different catch phrase frequently used by Sheen during his highly publicized melt down. Of note is the Charlie Sheen t-shirt, Sheens Korner, which indicates if you are not with Charlie Sheen, you are surely with the trolls. Fans might choose something more indicative of the Charlie Sheen charm, however, by choosing perhaps the Charlie Sheen t-shirt, Winning Sepia. This features a photo of Sheen with his well known phrase, ‘Winning.’

            Fans everywhere will want to grab a Charlie Sheen t-shirt to commemorate this historic moment in Charlie Sheen’s career. Whether you are a die hard fan from his early career, or just enjoy his public melt down, one thing for sure is, this phase of Charlie Sheen has been one for the history books.


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