Blackbeard Edward Teach T-Shirt

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Product Description

Itís hard out there for a pirate. If youíre feeling the nautical struggle, grab a Blackbeard Edward Teach t-shirt!
HAHA Just kidding, Pirate life is awesome! Barrels of wine and swashbuckling adventure were the life of Edward Teach better known as the infamous 18th century pirate, Blackbeard. His life of piracy was a short lived one, as Teach died at the young age of 38, but his years on the sea have been chronicled by many a historian and have even inspired the fictional maritime tales from which we take most well-known pirate lore.

So Give it up for Pirates, the gangstas of the ocean, the rebels of the seven seas, and the most infamous of them all with the Blackbeard Edward Teach t-shirt!

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