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Product Description

Introducing the Donít ask me about my Tattoos t-shirt, for when you just want to get everyone out of your space!

Yes, your tattoos are a work of art, but art is to be observed! You canít just go to the museum and touch the paintings can you? So why do people feel compelled to touch and disturb the beautiful canvas that is your skin?

Let them all know whatís up with the Donít ask me about my Tattoos t-shirt. Using a popular tattoo style, the image of the shirt starts its slogan on a traditional banner and focuses on ďTattoosĒ with some script. The bright blue, 100% cotton t-shirt also features a small anchor below and a nautical star on top to complete the design.
Remember, you are an individual, not an object!

Use this Donít ask me about my Tattoos t-shirt as the first line of defense against the outside world!

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