Hotline Bling Ugly Christmas Sweater Girls T-Shirt

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Ladies, don’t let some past fling pass judgement on your lifestyle. You do you, boo-boo, and be sure to grab an Ugly Christmas Sweater Hotline Bling ladies t-shirt, too!
Whoa, got into a bit of a Dr. Seuss rhyming trap for a second, but since it’s Christmas, let’s roll with it!
Drake had a hit with hotline bling
About a guy who’s phone wouldn’t ring
Since he left his girl and she got a new life
And now he regrets not making her his wife
Now she’s out with some other men
And he can only think about the time when
she would call him on his cell phone
But now she won’t and he’s all alone.
Tada! If this song and our poem speak to you this holiday season, grab an Ugly Christmas Sweater Hotline Bling ladies’ t-shirt!

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