Info About The Children Of Bodom Store

            Hailing from a town called Espoo in Finland, Children Of Bodom is an increasingly popular metal band who had the fortune of coming together in 1993. They’ve been bridging the gap between power metal and melodic death metal since then and have adopted a strict ‘if you don’t like it, don’t listen strategy’ that has kept them true to themselves all these years later. Unlike many other popular Finnish metal acts, COB doesnt include gimmicks like trolls and lore in their musical strategy. When Alexi Laiho was questioned about this in a MetalKings interview he expressed his personal feelings about how lame he thinks singing about mythical creatures can be.

            In the spirit of keeping things personal and unique, Children Of Bodom merchandise holds true to this equation. Children of Bodom t-shirts are often intricately illustrated and have a common theme centered on a mysterious, cloaked reaper who wields a long, thin, and always bloody, scythe. A recent addition to our Children of Bodom store is the Children Of Bodom Hovering shirt in which this reaper can be seen in slightly more bold colors than are seen on a typical Children Of Bodom t-shirt. 

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