Info About The D.O.A. Store

            DOA is a punk rock band formed in Vancouver, Canada in 1978. The current lineup is composed of Joey Shithead, Dan Yaremko and J.J Heath, with Joey Shithead being the only founding member of the band. DOA is known for its political stance and takes a very leftist approach to politics. With lyrics and comments on several different issues such as anti-racism, freedom of speech and the environment, they are outspokenly critical of the status quo. As one of the founders of hardcore punk, they are iconic for their raw punk rock sound.

            DOA, as one of the longest standing Canadian punk rock bands, has generated a vast amount of DOA merchandise. With everything from DOA buttons, DOA t-shirts, DOA belt buckles, and DOA hoodies, there is something for everyone to choose from in the DOA store. The slogan of the band, ‘Talk – Action = Zero’, is featured on the back of the DOA shirt, Bloodied but Unbowed, and encapsulates the bands political motivations. The ‘Northern Avenger’ DOA shirt features the logo from one of the bands studio albums and has been met with fan acclaim.

            DOA has experienced a number of different lineup changes during their time as a band. Joe Keithly, also known as Joey Shithead, is the only original member remaining in the band. However, in 2012 Keithly announced he would be seeking to be nominated as an NDP candidate and consequently, DOA would be disbanding for the time being. Their farewell tour began in January 2013, which also marked their 35 year anniversary. Consequently, fans are encouraged to check out the DOA store to grab their DOA merchandise before the band winds down, and to wear the gear in support of one of the most notable and influential Canadian punk rock bands.

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