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Danzig is an American heavy metal band from Lodi, New Jersey formed in 1987. Originated from the band Samhain, In 1986 the band performed a show at The Ritz in New York, which would be the bands final show. In attendance that day was record label heavy weight Rick Rubin, who was scouting potential bands for his new label. Rubin had only wanted to sign lead singer Glenn Danzig, but Danzig refused to sign without bassist Eerie Von. In 1987, Danzig added guitarist John Christ and percussionist Chuck Biscuits. To reflect the change of musical direction, Samhain was changed to Danzig.

Danzig has released nine albums since the bands beginning, although it hasn’t been a smooth ride. The band has seen many members come and go over the years, with original front man Glenn Danzig being the only original member of the band. The band has also managed to cycle through several record labels over the years, seems like front man Glenn Danzig had some commitment issues, both with the band and labels.

Danzig merchandise shows the darkness of the band and its music by incorporating themes from its music onto Danzig shirts and other Danzig merch. In our store we offer several Danzig shirts, a fan favourite being our “Chrome Skull” shirt which has an image of skeletal remains of a rams head, printed in a chrome-like colour. On the back of the shirt is the bands logo printed in white, with a bold red outline. Find great Danzig shirts like this and more by visiting our Danzig store.

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