Dead Kennedys T-Shirt - Distressed Logo

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Product Description

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but when everything you say is provocative, a picture should speak louder! Scream it loud with the Dead Kennedys Distressed Logo t-shirt!

The Dead Kennedys made quite a stir when they sprung on the scene, and that was just from their name! Their signature logo, featured on our Dead Kennedys Distressed Logo t-shirt, was designed by artist Winston Smith. This print has a distressed vintage feel, going for a classic punk rock vibe.

The logo was created after the band was established, and was made to be simple so that, according to the artist, it could easily be used in graffiti art. What’s a better promotional tool for a politically charged, punk rock quartet like The Dead Kennedys!? Get one today!

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