Info About The Dexter Store

            Dexter is a show which follows the life of Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter pattern analysis with the Miami Metro Police Department. However, Dexter also harbors a dark secret, he also leads a secret life as a serial killer. Dexter is bound by the code of ethics given to him by his adoptive father. He must only kill bad people, never innocent individuals. This is to satiate his need to kill. Dexter is portrayed as a man incapable of emotion who often fakes it to fit in. The series is based on the novels by Jeff Lindsay, and premiered in 2006 to great acclaim.

            Dexter merchandise is marked by the iconic Dexter logo. This logo features the word with a blood splatter pattern embedded within it. Several Dexter t-shirts boast designs relevant to the show. A fan favorite is the Dexter shirt, tools, which picture the different tools that Dexter uses to carry out his murders. Girls Dexter shirts are also available for women looking for a more fitted cut, and feature just the blood splatter logo on a white shirt. Different colored shirts are available for those who want more than just a classic black t-shirt. Finally, a Dexter mug is also available for those who want to be the talk of the office, or just to spark up conversation with that strangely quiet, un emotive man in the cubicle next to yours.

            The different kinds of Dexter merchandise available are indicative of the popularity of the show. Eight seasons deep, the show has certainly created food for thought for the audience regarding all kinds of topics, such as morality, murder and mental capacity. The show continues to push the boundaries of what audiences find acceptable, and consequently will remain a talked about and loved show.

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