Info About Die Mannequin Shirts

             Die Mannequin is a punk rock band from Toronto, Ontario formed in 2005. This band rose from the ashes of Care Failure’s previous musical venture “The Bloody Mannequins”. In the beginning, Care recorded an EP titled “How to Kill” playing guitar, bass because at the time she did not have a backing. The group was later made up of bassist Anthony Bleed, guitarist Stacy Stray and percussionist Dazzer Scott.

             The band gained a lot of its recognition from touring across Canada, opening for such acts as Marilyn Manson, Guns and Roses, and Sum 41. Die Mannequin has released three EP’s, one compilation and one studio album since 2006. Die Mannequin announced on their website that they would be releasing new music along with a music video by years end. Stay tuned!  One of our most sought after Die Mannequin shirts is our “Lovers” shirt.  This is a black shirt with a jumbo black and white image of a man and women caught in an intimate moment. At the top of the shirt, the band’s name is written in English as well as translated into a foreign language in bold pink text. Find great Die Mannequin shirts like this and much more by visiting our store.

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