Dimmu Borgir T-Shirt - In Sorte Diaboli

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Product Description

Shown are black, Dimmu Borgir t-shirts made from pure 100% cotton, available in several standard American sizes. These show a monochromatic chest graphic of cloud-like serpents emerging from a pentagram in the center of the design. The groups logo tops the visual in the same color.

On the back, an illustration of a wooden cross with a snake coiled around it, is shown with the album title 'In Sorte Diaboli' written underneath.

Dimmu Borgir fired two longstanding band members after the making of their 8th studio album, 'In Sorte Diaboli'. This created a lot of online response, and fans demanded to know what was happening and made a lot of assumptions. To the delight of nay-sayers everywhere, the group issued a really really long explanation of their side of the story that is still available online today.

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