Info About The Disney Store

            The Walt Disney Company is a multinational multimedia company, with headquarters located in California. Best known for the Walt Disney Studios, the company has grown and diversified to own several different tv channels, theme parks and movies. The most iconic character created by Disney, Mickey Mouse, has become the company’s mascot and is one of the most widely recognized characters in the entire world. As one of the most successful companies ever created, Disney has furnished the world with thousands of different lovable characters and movies that generation after generation have come to love.

            One of the most iconic movies produced by Disney, which has subsequently attained cult status, is Alice in Wonderland. Heavily featured in Disney merchandise, Alice in Wonderland t-shirts have become widely sought after, and features unique and typically vibrant designs. Newer movies such as Oz the Great and Powerful have also generated different Disney t-shirts featuring characters such as the Wicked Witch. These are available in both girls and guys Disney shirts, indicating the mass appeal that these movies have to audiences of all generations.

            More classic Disney characters are also featured on a number of different items of Disney merchandise. Disney patches featuring Winnie the Pooh and Mickey’s friends can be found in the Disney store, as well as buttons of the same characters. Mickey and Minnie Disney t-shirts are also available in a girls cut, and showcase the loveable mice that stole the hearts of audiences everywhere in 1928. As this iconic company continues to produce movies loved by all, more Disney merchandise is sure to become available as production continues. Consequently, Disney fans should keep a sharp eye on the Disney store to stay abreast of new and amazing Disney memorabilia!

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