Dragonforce T-Shirt - Inhuman Rampage

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Product Description

Shown are black Dragonforce shirts made from 100% pre shrunk cotton that fit true to size. These show a large torso image of the cover of the bands 'Inhuman Rampage' album which was their fifth studio release. In this scene, a bomb on the verge of exploding is seen with its clock ticking off the last seconds until the blast.

The groups logo tops the image with the traditional dragon wings seen highlighting the first and last section of the word. At the bottom, the albums title is written in stark red text.

Dragonforce are a group of English guys who got into some trouble during one of their tours when horribly tuned guitars and no sound coming from their monitors caused fans to suspect they couldn't keep up with the speed of their own solos during live performances. In the future, the dudes tuned up their instruments a little better and got a more solid tech guy, and were able to redeem themselves with their fan base.

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