Info About The Epic Meal Time Store

            Epic Meal Time is a hit Youtube show that originated in Canada as a calorie loaded cooking instructional showcasing different ways to belly-bust using popular meat products as the main and sometimes sole ingredients. Every Tuesday, the guys behind the EMT sensation release a new video, via Youtube, and host Harley Morenstein (along with several of his friends) talks the audience through the recipe.

            Epic Meal Time centers on the perks of using bacon and Jack Daniels to add flavor, texture and calories to dishes commonly void of these delicious ingredients. When a dish calls for candy as opposed to bacon (also known as meat candy) the guys at Epic Meal Time use Airheads Xtremes Sweetly Sour Belts which are rainbow in color and are referred to as ‘Gay Bacon Strips’.

            Epic Meal Time merchandise holds its own in coolness factor and draws a lot of inspiration from quotes said during production. The Bacon Strips shirt is no exception to this formula and has become one of our most popular Epic Meal Time shirts to date. Lady fans of the show need not fret; there are plenty of Ladies Epic Meal Time Sauce Boss shirts to go around.

            If you’re a wizard in the kitchen, or if you know someone who is more than enthusiastic about bacon, consider getting them an Epic Meal Time apron to shield  them from the fat splatter or to give them that extra oomph behind the grill, these are a hot selling summer item.

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