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            The Fantastic Four is a fictional superhero team appearing in comic books made by Marvel Comics. Written by comic book pioneer Stan Lee, The Fantastic Four debuted in 1961. The comic is based on a scientist who takes his crew on a space ship to outer space to do research. On the journey, and accident occurred and the crew was bather in cosmic rays and they were forced to return to earth.

            Upon returning to earth, the group realized that through the cosmic rays, they all now had super powers, some with great abilities and little change to their physical appearance, except for one, The Thing, whose side effects were noticeable and monstrous. The group then had a choice, to hide their powers from the world, or to embrace their powers and use them to help the world. They chose to do good with their powers and formed the Fantastic Four.  Aside from comic books, the Fantastic Four have been adapted into an animated television series and a studio motion picture. For comic book fans and Fantastic Four fans alike, Fantastic Four shirts and merchandise have become very popular. In our store, we offer several Fantastic Four shirts, including our favourite, with the 2005 rendition of the Fantastic Four logo. For lots of great Fantastic Four shirts and merchandise visit our store!

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