Info About The Frankenweenie Store

            Frankenweenie is an animated comedy-horror movie directed by Tim Burton, and is a remake of his 1984 short film of the same name. The film follows Victor Frankenstein and his misadventures as he attempts to reanimate his dead dog Sparky. Inspired as a homage to Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein,’ the film was met with positive reviews. Burton fans expressed satisfaction with the film, as audiences continue to enjoy the motif of ‘a boy and his dog.’ In preparation for the release of the movie, a travelling art exhibition showcased the characters and detailed the work that went into the characters and sets.

                The gritty and old school themes the film was modelled after are paid homage to in the Frankenweenie merchandise that is available. Tons of different Frankenweenie t-shirts can be purchased in the Frankenweenie store, each of which offers a different picture of the loveable Sparky in his reanimated form. Of particular note is the fan favorite Frankenweenie t-shirt, Sparky’s Return, which bears a fictionalized movie poster for the film, resemblant of the classic Frankenstein movie posters. This shirt is available in all sizes and bears a distressed look, making it appear vintage. Girl’s Frankenweenie t-shirts are also available for women looking for a slimmer cut.

                With several different Frankenweenie t-shirts available, fans have many to choose from to show their support for their favorite director, or just their love for undead dogs. The unique imagery of Tim Burton is hard to deny in the graphics, which make these shirts a hit with fans everywhere.

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