Live Slow & Die Whenever Sloth Sweatshirt

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Product Description

The Sloth, one of the planet’s most majestic creatures, knows how to live. Slow and steady!

This Live Slow Die Whenever sweatshirt is a perfect way to express the ideal philosophy of life! Printed on a black 100% cotton sweatshirt, this design shows the mysterious sloth resting on a bold, neutral font, as it stares you down with its piercing gaze. The words on the sweatshirt, “Live Slow, Die Whenever”, are large and fill up the majority of the print.

We should all take a lesson from the sloth on this Live Slow Die Whenever sweatshirt and take the slow path through life. Be as worry-free as the noble sloth, and you too will have a peaceful, happy and relaxed existence, for however long it lasts.

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