Funny T-Shirts - Don't Ask About My Tattoos Charcoal

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Product Description

The Don’t ask about my tattoos t-shirt. Inked people know what we’re talking about.

Ever have someone approach you at the most inconvenient time? Like, in the grocery store lineup they say “sick tats” and then you’re stuck in this awkward situation where they’re asking you a billion questions wanting you touch them and tell you about the one little star tattoo they got when they were 19 that means so much about the world and all the other tattoos they want to get but just never could cause tattoos hurt and cost too much?

Yeah. It’s terrible. Avoid this by turning around and proudly displaying your don’t ask me about my tattoos t-shirt.

This don’t ask me about my tattoos t-shirt is printed on a Charcoal Black cotton unisex t-shirt.

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