Game Of Thrones T-Shirt - Iron Throne

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Personally, we don’t feel like the Game of Thrones Iron Throne T-shirt would be as affective in places south of the boarder. This brand spanking new G.O.T. tee features the words “Winter is Coming” and even though seasons are experienced all over the world, you have to know that winter coming to Canada…or Westeros… is way more scary than say Florida, or California. Now, that’s not to say that those who live in warmer climates can’t wear the Game of Thrones Iron Throne T-shirt, but we just hope that you respect the gravity of winter to those who actually have to live through it. We think winter builds character, and brings strength and perseverance. What it really comes down to is whether or not you’d be willing to take on a White-Walker to defend those you care about. If you think that’s something you could do, then the Game of Thrones Iron Throne T-shirt should be worn proudly across your chest.

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