Ghost T-Shirt - Classic Logo Red

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Product Description

What does the word “Ghost” mean to you? To some it reminds them of a spooky figure from scary movies. Others may think back to found memories of Halloween, cutting holes in a bed sheet and bopping around the neighbourhood. But to some it means so much more! And those are the folks who need this Ghost Classic Red Logo t-shirt! Ghost, also known as Ghost B.C. is a Swedish Doom Metal band that formed in 2008. The bands iconic logo has been a recognizable symbol for fans of the band and the Ghost Classic Red Logo dawns it down the back of the shirt, with the band’s name in their signature font displayed on the front. Ghost has a very eccentric on stage presence, with the lead singer Papa Emeritus III taking on an anti-pope like persona, and the rest of the band wearing dark hanging robes and are known as the Nameless Ghouls. Not everyone can pull off that style, so luckily for you the Ghost Classic Red Logo t-shirt is just that… a t-shirt.

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