Go Fu*k Your Selfie Baseball Shirt

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Product Description

Amazing alert!! #loveit

Now who in this day and age HASN’T taken a #selfie? People can hate all they want but we know deep in the dark corners of their phone, there is totally a duck face selfie hidden away.

So now we give you a challenge. We want you to grab this Go Fuck your #selfie shirt, throw it on with your best #OOTD and take the most obnoxious selfie you’ve ever taken. Have you heard of the #selfieoylmpics ? Well google it. Then do it. And make sure we can see it too, so throw #rockworldeast in there as well! We love you.

The Go fuck your #selfie shirt is printed on a cotton unisex baseball style top. Black sleeves with a white body and the words “GO FUCK YOUR #SELFIE” printed in bold black letters.

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