Info About The Grumpy Cat Store

The name is Sauce, Tardar Sauce, and this mean mug has blown up on the internet in the form of Grumpy Cat: the spirit animal of the apathetic everyman!

Grumpy Cat has become a staple in the online community, particularly the popular forum and photo sharing website Reddit, as an expression of distaste and general grump-itude. The cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce and her trademark expression is seemingly caused by feline dwarfism, although having a name like Tardar Sauce doesn’t hurt either! Since 2012, her face has been on all social media websites and has even found its way onto t-shirts and other apparel! Here at ROCKWORLDEAST we have all sorts of grumpy cat merchandise including lounge pants, socks and flip flops!

Check out our Grumpy Cat online store and see why this negative feline is positively perfect!

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