Guardians Of The Galaxy T-Shirt - Guardians Silhouette

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Product Description

Celebrate the greatest intergalactic team around with the new Guardians of the Galaxy Guardian Silhouettes t-shirt!

Formed by Earth’s own Peter Quill A.K.A Starlord, the super troop featured on our Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians Silhouettes t-shirt is made up of some of the fiercest fighters this side of the Helix Nebula! We’ve got Gamora, the lady warrior from the planet Zen-Whoberi, who is widely considered to be the most dangerous woman in the universe, alongside Drax the Destroyer and his hunger for vengeance! Last but not least we have Rocket Raccoon and Groot, a dysfunctional odd couple travelling the cosmos kicking butt and taking names. Together, these space oddities make up the Guardians of the Galaxy, protectors of planets and defenders of the stars. Take up arms with the best of the best with a Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians Silhouettes t-shirt!

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