Info About The Guitar Picks Store

            It’s the small things that make the biggest difference and guitar picks are no exception. Having a pick from a favorite band means a lot to fans and collectors of all ages and while it is a small, inexpensive piece of merchandise, band guitar picks are collected and used in a variety of interesting ways.

            Some people choose to keep the picks in pristine condition and store them safely as part of a collection. Others see picks as a way to show appreciation for their favorite group and use them to play their own instruments. These guitar picks can be seen in popular fashion as pieces attached to a necklace or embellishments on a hat, vest or various other garments.

            All of the guitar picks in this store are medium gauge and made from strong material that is durable and light weight. Typically band guitar picks are printed on a black background however, they do not all follow this model. The Rush guitar pick is a great example of a non-black variation.

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