Captain America Beanie - Stars And Stripes Retro


Product Description

We all know that super heroes are tough, I mean, that’s one of the main reasons we all love them so much and look up to them. You know what’s not tough though? A runny nose, that’s what. Even the great Steve Rogers, with his Olympics-level athleticism, and peak human physiological conditioning, wouldn’t want to have to call in sick. That’s why the Captain America Beanie - Stars and Stripes Retro is the perfect piece of attire for the coming winter months. When Captain America fights crime in colder climates he always wears the Captain America Beanie – Stars and Stripes…true story! Who are we to argue with a man who wields a Vibranium-Steel Alloy Shield? So listen to Captain America, and your mother, and put on you Captain America Beanie – Stars and Stripes before you catch your death of cold.

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