Deadpool Baseball Hat - Deadpool Icon


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Product Description

Wacky Wade Wilsons says,”You too can be a mentally disturbed killer with a Deadpool Icon baseball hat!”

Yes, he’s back again! This hitman’s got jokes, and it always pays to keep it light when you’re dealing with contract killings all day, every day! Sometimes it’s best to wear a disguise when confronting a target, like say…a hat?! Protip: You shouldn’t use a hat with a wanted face, such as the Deadpool Icon baseball hat, but if you’ve got nothing to hide, rock it! Deadpool is infamous in the Marvel universe for his witty retorts and crazy assassination skills! Being bred for murder is a tough gig, but he makes it look effortless, and a little fun if we’re being honest!

Experience the madness of Marvel’s masterful mercenary with a Deadpool Icon baseball hat!

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