About The HIM Store

            HIM, short for His Infernal Majesty, is a Finnish rock band formed in 1991. The band currently consists of Ville Valo, Mikko Lindstrom, Mikko Paananen, Mike Karppinen and Janne Puurtinen. As of 2013, they have released 8 studio albums, one of which has been gold certified by the RIAA. The band and their fans refer to the genre of music they play as love metal, but it has also been classified as alternative metal, gothic metal, melodic metal, and alternative rock.

            HIM has become known worldwide for its logo the heartagram. Fans and celebrities alike have received tattoos of the logo, and longtime friend of Ville Valo now shares in the licensing of the logo. This logo makes HIM merchandise well recognized. The logo graces HIM buttons, HIM belt buckles, HIM barstools, HIM mugs and HIM patches. In fact, the logo is featured on almost every piece of HIM merchandise there is. The logo is furthermore featured on several of HIM’s album covers.

            Those looking for something to decorate their home with will be pleased to see that HIM has been very diverse in their merch. The HIM store features many home items such as HIM lightswitch covers, HIM wall art, and HIM clocks.

            HIM also has a variety of different HIM clothing available. There are HIM girls shirts available in different sizes, as well as a number of different designs for HIM t-shirts, as well as for HIM hoodies. HIM hats and HIM gloves are also available for outdoor wear.

            With their international success and no end in sight, HIM merchandise is sure to keep on its steady train of availability. Collectors should keep their eye out for any new merchandise that will become available as the band progresses!

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