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High Times is a New York magazine publication founded in 1974 by Tom Forcade. High Times Magazine is dedicated to advocating the legalization of cannabis and is the largest cannabis magazine in the world. When the magazine was founded in 1974, it was originally meant to be a joke directed at Playboy magazine, substituting dope for sex. Although meant as a joke, the magazine actually found an audience. Its first year, the magazine was circulated to over 500,000 customers, and was competing with magazines such as Rolling Stone and National Lampoon.

Since its creation, High Times has become a staple in the cannabis culture. Each year several cannabis related events happen around the world that are sponsored by High Times, including The Cannabis Cup, which brings supporters from around the world to judge some of the choice cannabis strands from across the globe. With the massive support High Times has received over the years and continues to receive, High Times shirts and other merchandise have been hot items. In our store we have several High Times shirts, including our Cannabis College shirt. Check out our High Times store for lots of great High Times shirts and other cool merchandise.

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