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John Lennon is an English born musician perhaps most famous as one of the founding members of the Beatles. He began a solo career near the end of the 1960’s, which was met with critical acclaim and praise with such hits as, ‘Imagine’ and ‘Give Peace a Chance.’ His music and public persona is marked by political activism as Lennon was very outspoken against war, in particular the Vietnam war. He is also well known for his marriage to Yoko Ono, who is popularly credited as the catalyst of the breakup of the Beatles.

                John Lennon’s political activism and image have skyrocketed him to being one of the most well known and recognized artists of all time. John Lennon merchandise and John Lennon t-shirts share this notability, as many bear images of Lennon in his iconic round sunglasses and signature arms crossed pose. One of Lennon’s massively successful singles has also translated to a massively successful John Lennon t-shirt, in the form of the Working Class Hero t-shirt. This album, and John Lennon t-shirt, are a commentary on the disparity between the bourgeois and the working class and has come to be one of John Lennon’s most well known songs.

                Immensely popular are also the girl’s John Lennon t-shirts. Form fitting and slim cut, these shirts are perfect for female Lennon fans to show off their support by sporting a John Lennon t-shirt! The ‘People for Peace’ John Lennon shirt has become a hit with female fans as it depicts a gritty version of John Lennon and New York City. As John Lennon has suffered no dip in popularity since his death in 1980, fans should expect the John Lennon merchandise only to grow in number!

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