Judas Priest T-Shirt - British Steel

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Judas Priest has definitely become a household name for their contribution to the heavy metal genre! Celebrate their influence with a Judas Priest British Steel t-shirt!
British Steel was a Judas Priest album released in 1980 and was more commercially well received than other albums, given its mainstream vibe and radio friendly hooks. The album featured one of the groups most famous singles, “Breaking The Law”, as well as their heavy metal anthem, “United”! The Judas Priest British Steel t-shirt features the original album art of the record on a black cotton t-shirt! Judas Priest was also well recognized for their style, which ushered in the heavy metal biker look of leather, chains and studs.
For any fan of heavy metal, fashion, England or really sharp razorblades, the Judas priest British Steel t-shirt is a real winner!

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