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Korn Excalibur T-Shirt

Korn can be credited for creating the nu metal genre, though the group has often said they don't like to be put in that category themselves. When asked of his opinion on Korn being dubbed the first "nu metal" band, Jonathan Davis replied:

"We've spawned a lot of clones, but let me explain... Well, I hate the nu metal term. We have always just been a band that rocks. We didn't like when people called us a metal band, we are just Korn. People just use these terms when they cannot describe something, but nu metal... when so many bands started making music that sounded like us, that is when nu metal was born. We don't have anything to do with it for real, I feel. I wouldn't wanna call Red Hot Chili Peppers a funk band, and we are not metal or nu metal, we are Korn. [Nu metal] is just a term that doesn't mean anything."

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