Kurt Cobain Girls T-Shirt - Stripes

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  • Double X-Large (2XL)

Product Description

Have a passion for all things grunge, including fashion? Dress up or down or way way down in our Kurt Cobain Stripes girls t-shirt!

The Grunge period of the early nineties was a time of flannel, loose, ripped jeans and a general sense of being unkempt in defiance of the “man”. In the centre of this social scene was Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana and the inspiration for the Kurt Cobain Stripes girls t-shirt. Kurt was about the music and the message of the “grunge revolution”, but no one can deny he had a way with his wardrobe, particularly wearing stripes and cardigans. If Cobain is your fashion icon forever, grab a Kurt Cobain Stripes girls t-shirt and take some tips from the grunge-master!

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