About The Lamb Of God Store

            Lamb of God is an American heavy metal band formed in Virginia in 1990. The band currently consists of Randy Blythe, Chris Adler, John Campbell, Mark Morton, Willie Adler. The band has performed at several major festivals such as the Download festival and Gigantour, and have toured with big name acts such as Metallica, Ozzfest and Slayer. They achieved commercial success in 2006 with their album Sacrament and their subsequent Grammy nomination for said album. In 2012, Randy Blythe was arrested for manslaughter, occurring at a 2010 concert, however, was acquitted in 2013.

            Lamb of God is known for their biblical themes; however, use them often in an attempt to convey anti-religious sentiments. Lamb of God merchandise often depicts bright and intricate graphics that make Lamb of God t-shirts very sought after. Fan favorite is the Lamb of God t shirt that bears artwork created for their hit single, Again We Rise, which was released in the 2006 album Sacrament. Also popular is the Lamb of God belt buckle created to mark the 2004 EP, Pure American Metal. Fans who want to support the band in a more subdued fashion have the option of a Lamb of God button, which can be fastened to any backpack, hoodie or jacket.

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