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Officially Licensed Lamb Of God Merchandise

Lamb Of God Goat Saint T-Shirt

Lamb of God was formed as an instrumental band, Burn the Priest, and included vocals after Randy Blythe joined the band as a vocalist.

After they reached the success with the release of 2004's Ashes of the Wake the band is often associated with such terms as the "leaders" of the "New Wave of American Heavy Metal" and "pure American metal" or "pure American death metal".

Burn the Priest and early Lamb of God has been defined as a thrash metal, death metal and grindcore hybrid with a strong element of power groove, which often connects Lamb of God with the influential metal band Pantera.

Burn the Priest and early Lamb of God include typical death metal vocals with only a few words that can actually be deciphered. The style has been considered to vary between several different genres, including hardcore punk, thrash metal, and even possessing sludge metal influences.

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