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Officially Licensed Led Zeppelin T-Shirts

Led Zeppelin Fly Led Zeppelin T-Shirt

This Led Zeppelin shirt features the famous Fly Led Zeppelin image on the front of a high quality black cotton shirt.

With their first album not yet released, Led Zeppelin made their live debut at the University of Surrey, Guildford on 25 October 1968. This was followed by a US concert debut on 26 December 1968 (when promoter Barry Fey added them to a bill in Denver, Colorado) before moving on to the west coast for dates in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities.

Led Zeppelin's eponymous debut album was released on 12 January 1969, during their first US tour. The album's blend of blues, folk and eastern influences with distorted amplification made it one of the pivotal records in the creation of heavy metal music.

Plant has commented that it is unfair for people to typecast the band as heavy metal, since about a third of their music was acoustic.

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