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Looking for a sludge band with a progressive edge? Look no further than Mastodon!

Mastodon was formed in 2000 when two musicians from New York, looking for a new scene, travelled down to Atlanta, Georgia. Bill Kelliher and Brann Dailor met Troy Saunders and Brent Hinds, who would become the second half of Mastodon, at a High on Fire show and it was love! Well, band love; they bonded over a joint love of Neurosis and Thin Lizzy and decided to make sweet music together!

Their musical style has been described as “New Wave of American Heavy Metal”, a genre which notably includes such names as Pantera and Machine Head. Mastodon have also gone in a similar direction of older progressive bands by recording concept albums. Some notable themes from their albums include the four elements, Moby Dick, and one album in particular, “Crack The Skye” was written as a tribute to Dailor’s younger sister who passed away at the age of fourteen.

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