Mastodon T-Shirt - Griffin

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Product Description

If you asked the BBC what they thought of Mastodon and whether or not you should buy a Mastodon Griffin T-shirt they’d probably say “They might be bonkers of lyric, full of fantasy mumbo jumbo, but the band is unashamedly committed to its complex-of-composition craft, and the results have frequently stunned ever since their 2002 debut, Remission.” Well, actually, that’s exactly what they said, and they’d probably tell you that the Mastodon Griffin T-shirt is the most well informed purchase you’ll ever make. The band is the most ambitious, most fearless, most fun heavy metal band to have breached the mainstream since the genre oozed its way out of The Midlands in the 1970s and that is saying something. And we are confident in saying that the Mastodon Griffin T-shirt is the most excellent shirt every created since the dawn of time. Some of this has not been fact checked, but we’re pretty confident.

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