Info About The Band Messenger Bags Store

            Band messenger bags are characterized by the use of one strap that is slung over the shoulder with the bulk of the bag resting on the lower back. Band messenger bags typically feature the group’s logo, artwork or a phrase that the band is well known for. A hot ticket in the band messenger bag store is the Led Zeppelin messenger bag featuring the  USA 1977 design.

            When you open up a band messenger bag, several compartments are available, in different sizes, for storage. The front flap is usually used to close the bag and is can be secured in a number of way including buckles, Velcro or snaps, depending on the design.

            Band messenger bags were popularized by bicycle couriers but have since become an urban culture icon as an alternative to either a backpack or a purse. Band messenger bags make a great gift for music fans and are the ultimate way to show support for a beloved artist or group.

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