About The Metal Shirts Store

            Metal t-shirts come in a wide variety of prints and color schemes and are typically recognizable for being heavily detailed. A metal shirt is generally composed of 100% cotton that is machine washable and previously shrunk, giving them a notoriously sturdy structure. Girl’s metal shirts are also available for the ladies who seek a more tailored fit.

            A top seller in the realm of death metal shirts is always the Slayer t-shirts, because they are so classic and treasured by almost every fan of the metal genre. Along with Slayer, other very popular metal band tees can be found featuring artists such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Suicide Silence, Ozzy and many more from the classics to the new bands on the scene. Many of the metal shirts you will find here have dark, satanic imagery to match the band’s persona and their music. However, as of the most recent decade metal has transformed to include brightly colored imagery with their dark and twisted sounds. So depending on what metal sub-genre you are a fan of, the t-shirts can be very different.

            Metal fans are some of the most supportive, loyal and enthusiastic people on the music scene. They are known for having some of the most epic collections of metal shirts known to mankind.

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